ACS will achieve financial and business success for both the client and the firm by providing a total business solution, focusing on wealth creation and accumulation. ACS Accounting works hand in hand with ACS Consulting, ACS Auditing and ACS Investing to provide a holistic service to our clients. This service entails consulting to achieve wealth creation and the maintenance of this wealth, along with the practical services required to achieve the Goals of the client.

Our services

Payroll & payroll solutions
Company and Closed Corporation (CC’s) secretarial work
Formation of Companies (including shelf Companies)
Family/Group Estate Planning and Structuring (for creating and preserving wealth for now and future generations)
Management reporting
Registrations of various statutory taxes/levies

Preparation of working papers and trial balances to support the financial statements that are prepared for use by the client, the banks and SARS.

Preparing and submitting income tax returns and provisional tax returns. Tax planning to ensure
all allowable tax advantages are utilised.

Data Processing (bookkeeping)
Pastel or Tartan processing of all source documents to provide management accounts and/or trial balance to be used for the preparation of working papers and financial statements.
We believe in using the skills of highly qualified/experienced persons to produce timely, accurate monthly accounts.

Completion of VAT returns from reports produced by Pastel/Tartan.
SARS VAT queries and disputes resolved.

Payroll & payroll solutions
Preparation of payslips (these are emailed for distribution to employees) for employers.
Preparation and completion of EMP201 monthly returns to SARS
Preparation and completion of Bi-annual EMP501 reconciliations.
Reconciliation of EMP501′s and IRP5′s to client records.
u – filing
Workmens Compensation Returns

Company and CC secretarial work
Submission and completion of all statutory documents required by CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) in order to maintain Companies and CC’s according
to legislation. Completion of Annual Returns.

Formation of Companies (including Shelf Companies)
Name reservations and registrations of Companies.
We have direct access to Shelf Companies for emergency numbers.

Consulting (ACS Consulting Trust)
Dairy operations consulting
Agricultural operations, pastures consulting
Dairy farm management services
Business consulting
Family group structures and tax planning to ensure all available tax advantages are used
Wealth opportunities and business partnering for creation of wealth for clients
Budgets and cash-flow projections