Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We wish to be the preferred consultant and accountant to our Agricultural
and Other Business clients, focusing on wealth creation and accumulation for our clients.

Our Mission

ACS will achieve financial and business success for both the client and the firm
by providing a total business solution, focusing on wealth creation and accumulation.

We strive to achieve the following qualities:
We aim to be PROACTIVE
We are
We work hard at being
We wish to present ourselves as being
PROFESSIONAL at all times
We focus on producing
TIMELY results

Giving Back

We are aiming to provide study assistance and training to people that are not able to afford to study at University, by providing a bursary and learnership to school leavers that fit the requirements we have set. We re-cycle all our office waste where possible. We do pro-bono work for some charitable institutions, schools, churches and individuals that are able to benefit from our services